Thursday, May 31, 2012

Many updates!

It has been awhile since I posted and I feel like a lot has happened at the Schuelke house that I will attempt to update in this one post. So thanks for your patience in reading this novel... 

Baby #2:
My pregnancy is going great so far with no sickness to speak of!! I think I feel even better this go around then last. I think it's because I've been able to get a lot more rest without working, but who knows! I think it's also just a blessing from the Lord! I've had great appointments and lots of pictures from ultrasounds, which I will try to post soon. I am officially in my 2nd trimester-14 weeks- so that is a relief! And I can say that I definitely have the baby bump! Much sooner then last time, which I have heard is normal for 2nd time around...I hope!! My next appointment is with the high risk doctor on June 4 for an ultrasound and consultation. We will get to meet Dr. Bruner and talk about the game plan for this pregnancy. We are looking forward to seeing our little blessing again and to hear another perspective. My OB appointment with Dr. McBrayer will be the same week on June 8. Prayers are so appreciated as the appointments seem to be the hardest and bring the most anxiety for me so far. Thanks so much!! 

We are officially back in our house!! It has been wonderful being in our own bed again with our own bathroom, closet, kitchen, etc. Our remodel is 95% done with carpet and a few odds and ends to still finish. The kitchen is all set up for the most part besides the final decorative and some organizational touches. We absolutely love it and feel so blessed to live in such a nice home! Our couches are on concrete until everything is done and we can put carpet in, but it's nothing to complain about. I still want to wait to post final pictures because clutter is still something that is EVERYWHERE! We still have construction going on in our addition that includes our master bedroom, bathroom, and closet. It will be AMAZING when it's all done! Our construction guy, Jake, is still working hard living in a trailer behind our house to get it done. Another blessing because it just means it gets done even faster with him close by. I feel like we are finally on the final run of decisions to be made and let me tell you...we are about sick of decisions! But I am treating it as a full time job and know it will all be worth it in the end. Although I've never seen a job where the money leaves this fast instead of coming in! :-/ :-{ Sigh...I am blessed to have such a wonderful husband who works so hard to provide, allowing me to be a stay at home wife and soon to be mommy! :-)

Dog troubles:
It has been a rough couple weeks when it comes to the furry members of our family. We had a dog, JJ, that was just dropped off at our house about 4 years ago. He has always been a little cowardly toward strangers, but loved Clint and I. I became immediately attached as he also became attached to me. Well, he has always been wary of men for some reason and even though Jake (our construction guy) has been working at our house for 8 months with no problems, JJ all of a sudden decided to bite him on the pant leg. Didn't break skin, but was enough to break the trust between him and Jake, and us as well. We had to start pinning him up in our shop when we weren't home. One day when I was home, I let him out of the shop and he seemed to be fine until we had a rattlesnake in our carport that made him nervous. After a series of events including pistol shots to kill the snake and me putting him inside the house, JJ became very scared. When the craziness was over, I tried to carry him out of the house and he proceeded to get scared, growl, and bite my foot. This, of course, scared me pretty bad and immediately broke my trust of him. Let's just say that was not a good day for me!! We then had to make the decision to get rid of him. I could not handle the thought of him doing that to one of my kids someday! I also didn't want people to be scared to come over to my house! So unfortunately, with the method unknown to me, we do not have him anymore. This was and still is very sad for me because I honestly loved that dog after 4 years of having him around. However, after everything we have been through in the last year...this did not rank as worst! I know that God is in control and could be preventing something worse in the future from happening, and for that I am thankful!!

Lake house:
Clint's parents just recently bought a lake house in Abilene on Fort Phantom Hill Lake. It is super nice and convenient being only about 2 hours away. I imagine lots of weekend/summer get aways in the near future with me sitting in the shade, sipping my ice water, eagerly awaiting the arrival of baby blessing #2!! There will also be many years ahead of great memories with babies, cousins, dominoes, skiing, fishing, watermelon, sunscreen, and so much more... AND some good visiting time with my Abilene hope moms! :-)

I will finally be making a debut to Albuquerque, NM very soon to stay with my family and see some of my closest friends! I haven't been "home" since October of last year so I am super excited! I will also get to see one of my BFF's Leanne DeRemer as she and her husband will be back visiting the states after serving 2 years as missionaries in Cambodia. Really looking forward to catching up and spending time with the people I love! More to come on that soon!

Holden Uganda:
I will soon be posting an update about the status of funds to start Blair's well in Africa! Thanks so much to everyone who has helped to get us closer to our goal! We don't know who you are yet, but we will soon find out! Stay tuned for more info on that to come...

Well, there is a little peek into the world of Brooke and Clint! Thanks for taking the time to read, and...fingers crossed...I will be posting more again soon! Have a blessed day!

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  1. Love the update! Thanks so much for sharing. You are daily in my prayers, Brooke! Hugs to you and Clint :)