Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bun in the Oven!

This picture is how we made the announcement to our family and friends that we have another "Bun in the Oven"!! Some of the comments made us laugh..."Is that a biscuit?", "Oh! What are you cooking?!", "I like your new oven!" (that's my in-laws oven) Haha! Most people knew right away. 

There were so many different emotions as we found out we were pregnant again. The first was excitement for the future that we were blessed with another child. The second was relief that we were able to easily get pregnant again. The third was hope that this time would be different and filled with more joy. The fourth was fear that we would face heartache again which would seem unbearable. The fifth was sadness and longing for Blair. The sixth was impatience as I began to dread the long 9 months of waiting. The seventh was urgency and determination to make this pregnancy a good one despite what we have been through. And the final was complete joy that we would have a sibling for Blair that could bring beauty from ashes and joy from pain. I am sure these emotions are normal for anyone who has been through what we have, and I am sure that we will relive each of these emotions over and over again at different times throughout this pregnancy, but we want to daily choose to be positive and look forward to the future, trusting God along the way. 

Like I have mentioned before, I had the most perfect pregnancy with Blair physically & mentally and I don't want to let my past affect my memories of this pregnancy. It has been great so far as I have had a peace wash over me that can only come from prayer. I have also had no pregnancy symptoms and have felt great despite some extreme tiredness from time to time. I think not having to work during my first trimester has really helped this time around because I have been able to get a lot of rest. I am now 7 weeks with my first appointment next week, April 18. My due date for this baby will be November 24...really close to Blair's birthday (Thanksgiving due date is pretty cool too!..So much to be thankful for). With this brings many thoughts as I imagine November 11 coming around. I hold onto the hope that, while we will experience sadness as we celebrate Blair's heavenly birthday, it is a sadness for us and not her. She is happy and experiencing extreme joy in the Lord's presence while we are here and aware of her absence. However, I look forward to celebrating her birthday with her sibling either in my arms or soon to be in my arms. I think it will be so neat to celebrate their birthdays so close together. And while they may not be able to share toys, clothes, rooms, or laughter, they will be able to share their birth month (or at least close to it). For that I am so thankful!  

When I was pregnant with Blair, we waited to tell even our families until after I was 10 weeks along. We felt much different with this pregnancy. We know there are so many people who have become such great prayer warriors for us since Blair and we felt it was important to let people know asap this time. We have seen the power of prayer at work in our lives and know that prayer is so important. We need people to pray for our baby, our hearts, and our fears along the way as we embark on this journey again. My mother in law had the great idea to make these prayer magnets to hand out to friends and family who want to join us in prayer. If you want one let me know and we will get one to you somehow! (ABQ friends- my mom will have some to pass out soon, so if you want one you can contact her -or me and I'll let her know-) 

Thanks so much for supporting and praying for us throughout this journey. We couldn't make it without your prayers!  I'll try my best to keep my blog updated with recent news and things to pray for. 

**My first appointment and ultrasound with my OB is Wednesday, April 18th. Please pray for a great appointment and a healthy heartbeat**

"Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus....Brothers and sisters, pray for us."
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, 25

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God."
Philippians 4:6

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

House Remodel

We have had the huge never ending task of remodeling our house since September 2011! For those of you who have done any remodeling you know that at points it does seem like it will never end! There is always another project and something to decide around every corner. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel! We officially started this long process on Sept. 12, 2011 as this was our last night in our house. Since then we have lived in my step grandfathers house for a month and we are now at Clint's parents house since November. It has been such a HUGE blessing to have a comfortable place to stay while our house goes through these transformations. This remodel has turned out to be great timing and a great distraction as it keeps me very busy with a purpose and task for each day. When we moved out in September we had plans to be a family of three when we moved back in, however, God had different plans. And it turns out that He knew this would be a good time in our lives to get this house craziness done.  Our first phase (west side of house with new kitchen, living room, laundry room, and spare room) is set to be done at the end of the week with my mom coming in town next week to help me clean and organize. This will definitely be at least a week long project! Phase 2 (master suite w/ bedroom, bathroom, & closet) has started and will continue to be worked on when we live there. I'll try to update as we start to move back in and finish our project! Here are some "teasers" to show a little of the progress. I will post beginning/end, before/after pictures of each area when it's completely done later!


I am very behind on posting about our life so be prepared for many posts to come about recent events...

This past week, March 26-April 1, we had the opportunity to go to California for Clint's work training. We flew into San Diego on Monday, checked into our hotel and then went to tour the USS Midway museum. It was very neat to see how these people lived on the aircraft carrier as well as the cool planes they flew. We spent almost 5 hours with the audio tour as our guide.

Clint had training all day Tues-Thurs until 4:30, so while he was busy I spent the time at the San Diego Zoo and shopping around the Gaslamp district and Fashion Valley Mall. It was fun to see the sights and get a taste of California life as well as the PERFECT weather. We spent one night at the Balboa Park eating a nice dinner and went to the musical A Room with a View at the Old Globe theatre (replica of the popular Shakespeare theatre in London). It was a fun evening out! 
When Clint's training was over on Thursday we took a train to Anaheim to stay with our bro-in-law Jeff's parents, Mark & Kathy Scott. They were so wonderful to let us stay for the weekend! We had a GREAT time! Friday we had Lindsey as our tour guide to show us the sights of LA and Santa Monica. She was so great to lend us her car as she took off to Texas for the week. We spent the evening at Newport Beach enjoying the ocean and the cute beach town! The next day we drove up to Lake Arrowhead in the mountains near San Bernadino. Unfortunately we didn't see any of the sights because of a thick fog over the mountains, but it was still fun to spend the afternoon together. That night Mark and Kathy made us a great steak dinner and took us to Downtown Disney (in the rain) to watch the fireworks. We enjoyed coffee with beignets and the "feeling" of Disney without the cost. On Sunday we went to church at The Journey Church where Mark pastors. It was such a wonderful service with baptisms and communion. We were truly blessed to be there! And who can go to California without a trip to IN and OUT BURGER!? It was a great way to end our fun California experience! We decided we would love to live there for the weather and the fact that you can grow oranges and lemons in your backyard...but not for the traffic!  Overall a great vacation without even having to use any of Clint's vacation days! It was so good for us to get away and spend time together away from the craziness of life. 

Clint's first train ride!

So cool!



Walking down Santa Monica Blvd.

Santa Monica
Newport Beach

Watching Fireworks

In and Out Burger "Animal Style"