Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"Laundry Landon"

So...I've been hiding these pictures from the public for awhile now. Don't even think my family has seen all of them! Haha! But I finally decided to share them. It has been so much fun documenting Landon's growth and progress through these monthly pics. I saw this idea first on Pintrest awhile back and then my good friend Lesley documented her precious boy, Cooper, using the same idea and I just LOVED it! So I copied ;-). Each picture was taken at each new month and I tried to fill the laundry basket with things that he was either wearing or using a lot at that time. Always lots of laundry going on over here! Should be interesting to see how much longer he will let me put him on his back in the basket...he's a growing boy!

These two pics of Landon as a newborn and 7 month old show just how much he has changed! I just can't even believe it! Everything from his coloring, hair, size, physical abilities, diapers, clothes, etc! Is that even the same kid!? My little baby is growing too fast :-(

I have also been taking special pictures for each even week, which I will share soon! Let's just say this boy is not short on pictures! Just hoping I will be able to continue the trend with future children! ;-) I'll be back soon to share more!!