Sunday, May 6, 2012

11 weeks and counting...

So sorry for not updating sooner! Life has been busy and full of craziness! As I mentioned in my last post, I had my first OB appointment with baby #2 on April 18th. Well it's now been over 3 weeks since the appointment and I am just now getting to blog about it! 

The appointment went great! I had a lot of anxiousness going into it because it was the first time back as a pregnant patient since everything with Blair happened. I was so nervous to go back into the same ultrasound room with the same sonographer (is that what they are called??). More on that later...
My appointment was at 2:00 and my mom (who was in town helping me with my house) and Clint were there with me. We were met by my doctor who was very excited to see us and so encouraging and uplifting about everything. She had a great game plan and had done a lot of research to prepare for this time around. She offered for me to go to a specialist- "high risk"- doctor on top of my appointments with her, which I agreed to do. This will make sure there are many different eyes on this pregnancy and really give me more peace that the baby and I are being monitored closely. SO thankful for that security! She did say, however, that God has the first slot in everything so that was also such an encouragement and reassurance. God knows our baby better then we do and I find peace in that truth. 
 Going back to the ultrasound...It was a total God thing because I ended up being in a totally different room with a different sonographer! I think it really helped my nerves a lot! My doctor said it was definitely a God thing (although I do think God can work through people and may have given her the insight that it may be better to not be in the same room etc. So her word may or may not have made it happen). As I saw my baby and heard their heartbeat it was such an unreal, emotional experience! That heartbeat is honestly the sweetest sound I will ever hear and I was so relieved to hear it! We had a good report with baby looking good and growing right on track. My official due date is November 24 and won't change from here on out. My doctor did mention that she will probably induce me at 39 weeks and I am confident that the Lord already knows our baby's birthday. It is all in His hands no matter what! 
Our next appointment is Friday, May 11- Blair's 6 month bday in heaven. Sure to be a very bittersweet day, but filled more with joy then sadness as we get to check on Blair's sibling. I am amazed at God's timing and am reminded again that He knows what's best. We will also have another ultrasound May 17. So continued prayers are appreciated so much!
I will also be seeing a high risk doctor at the beginning of June, so more on that to come...
Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers for our hearts and our baby! They are appreciated more then you know! I have felt a lot of peace that can only come from your prayers! 

Here is a picture of our sweet baby at 8 weeks 4 days. I made the huge mistake of accidentally leaving the pictures on the dash of my car, which made the pictures become a little darker. I was so glad they were still easily seen! Oops! Don't do that fellow mommies!


  1. I'm so glad I got to be there to see that precious baby and hear the heartbeat! So many prayers are being said for you, Clint and this baby! Love you so much!

  2. Look at that cute, precious little peanut. I am beyond excited for your guys, but also know that your hearts still have a lot of healing left to do. So I pray for that daily, as well as for your new baby, and I praise God that He is in the business of restoration!

  3. I love the picture of the little peanut!! What a blessing, I cant wait to meet him or her :) you are such a continual blessing to me!