Monday, February 13, 2012

Thank you!

Looking back from the moment we heard the news about our sweet Blair to now, there are so many people who have done so much to show their love and support to us. I can not even begin to repay or thank everyone for all that has been would literally take forever! A great friend, Sarah Erwin said it perfectly in a recent post on her blog when she said, "I feel like I am a "walking, living, breathing thank you card", but one that is terribly lame compared to what we have been given." I can relate to that so well! There seems to be nothing we can do to really show how much we appreciate everyone except to know that the Lord will bless you for your kindness. You are storing up treasures in heaven! It has been so humbling to see the body of Christ come together to be the hands and feet of Christ. We have seen God work through our family and friends to show us His love in so many ways. Thank you to everyone for all the thoughts, prayers, cards, gifts, food, texts, emails, messages, hugs, tears, listening ears, words of encouragement, truth & wisdom, donations given to charities and organizations in Blairs name, and for simply just caring enough to be there for us. We can not thank you enough! 

"I have not stopped giving thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers."

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  1. Brooke your words and emotions you express for Blair are simply beautiful and moving! Thank you for reminding me how priceless my boys are they truly are a gift from heaven. It is so easy to forget how precious life is in our day to day world. Love you, Amanda